Monday, 29 September 2014

She's Arrived!

I've just arrived on Blogger so this is just a little introduction to me:

I arrived safely into this world on 10th February 1961, the first girl born to my parents Noel and Emily Armstrong and of course, delivered at home by my Granny Armstrong the district midwife. Moyard, Benburb would never be the same again!
Sadly a few months later my brother Norman died. While I was too young to remember him, I almost feel I knew him for my parents often talked to us about him. But we were raised with the knowledge that death is not the end and so the assurance of meeting him again was a great comfort to my mother....and I know that one day I'll meet him in heaven.

My eldest brother Raymond became 'the big brother looking out for his little sister.' But in due time my brother Leslie and then my sister Laura arrived. That was another girl to compete with, feel inferior to and even be jealous of at times. But it was as I grew older that I came to realize that God had made us different because He had destined us for 2 different roles in life. So it was a matter of getting on with being the person God wanted me to be....and use the talents, abilities and opportunities He gave me to glorify Him.
I inherited what I like to refer to as 'Armstrong determination'. I don't like to think of it as stubbornness. But I do like to think that I used it for good. I will do what I believe to be right even if it's hard and lonely at times. My 'Armstrong determination' has given me stick-ability in life to keep plodding on for the Lord.

So that's a brief outline of my arrival unto this scene of time. I plan to blog about some lessons I've learnt from life's experiences and share some thoughts that God has given to challenge and encourage me. They won't all come in the order they happened in life but I trust my experiences and thoughts will be a blessing to you. Let me know....