Tuesday, 14 April 2015

60 Diamond Years

They say that diamonds are a girls best friend. I'm not so sure about that but I do know that all beautiful diamonds are not bright sparkly gems worn on fingers or around necks. Diamonds are hard gems created under very high temperature and pressure, and then skillfully cut to show their brilliance. Apparently it would take temperature of 3550 C to melt diamonds. Hence, they are said to last forever. No wonder the 60th wedding anniversary is called the diamond wedding anniversary!

My parents were married 60 years ago in Moy Church of Ireland on 13th April 1955. Not many have the privilege of reaching this special milestone but I rejoice that God has spared my parents to do so. They have experienced the heat and pressure in life and felt deep cuts dealt to them during their 60 years together. Their son Norman died in 1961. They each lost their brother in very sad circumstances. Both had heart bypasses. Add to this other hard, hurtful times and the pressures of raising 4 children on a basic income. But they survived all the tearful and difficult times of their 60 years together to come out as a beautiful diamond. They share many precious happy memories of the good craic, holidays, and events with family and friends....all too many to mention here. God gave them a lovely bungalow to live in. They've 8 grandchildren and 6 beautiful great grandchildren to be proud of.

Yes, it's been 60 years since they said, 'I do' but their love for each other is still evident. They can rejoice in their faithfulness to each other. And, of course, they were delighted to receive a card from the queen sending them her congratulations and best wishes! But best of all that they know Christ as Saviour. 

To mark this special occasion, we took them back to Derryoghill Orange hall where they met over 60 years ago. Caterers were arranged for the surprise tea, the hall was decorated and many other fine details sorted to provide this trip down memory lane. There are very few left who were at their wedding but 4 of their wedding guests were able to attend this 60th anniversary celebration.

Thank you Lord for giving them 60 Diamond years together.